Les Voyageurs, un temps de rêve


This film is a sensorial and emotional journey shared by young children, elderly and disabled people; through art of movement, all of them rediscover a way to express themselves. Choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis and two dancers, Pierre Piton and Anastasia Ivanova, invent another form of dialogue with and for those who cannot communicate with their words anymore. A form of dialogue made of gestures, eye contact and touch. 

The project “Les voyageurs, un temps de rêve” is an experimental film by visual artist Grégoire Korganow, combining documentary writing and dance, which was realized in July 2018 at the nursing home “Le Nouveau Prieuré” in Geneva, a vibrant, plural, open and intergenerational place.

The project strives to offer, through the artist’s immersion in the “Nouveau Prieuré”, an emotional porosity between all the different communities living on site. This sensitive journey through their living space will be shared between all residents: the elderly, people with multiple disabilities of the Clair Bois Foundation, the children from the child care centre, volunteer students and collaborators working there. 

Gregoire Korganow will invite residents to share a dream of theirs; based on those, he will try and develop ways to make people enter in resonance with each other, to mirror the aspirations of all generations. 

Gregoire Korganow collaborated with dancer-choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis; together with his dancers, he will try to incarnate the collected dreams, while in the meantime, by moving, build bridges between all different departments, buildings, … The dancers will physically translate some of the dreams, and interact with people whose situations prevent them from expressing themselves, whether orally or with their bodies. 


Created in 2018

Directed by Grégoire Korganow
Choreography Ioannis Mandafounis
Dance Pierre Piton, Anastasia Ivanova

Production Libre Champ
Supported by
 CARIGEST SA for a generous patron, Fluxum Foundation, City of Geneva
Partners Overseas Culture Interchange