Twisted Pair

by Mandafounis, Dragonas, Ortega & Skiada

The performative work “Twisted Pair” originates from research on the perception of time through the exploration of the forces that regulate it.

The non-synchronous choreographic reality represented in this piece allows the co-existence of past and present in a multi-layered composition. The continuous layering of scenes constitutes uneven ground. It marks a space between different points on stage and on the body itself, determining simultaneously a temporal surrounding as well as concrete body exploration. Each movement reflects the idea that every action provokes a chain of reactions, hence moving a step further, to affirm that all movements share a common start. Body memory conducts the movements, unifying the presented action and the present action.

The relationships between the dancers are stressed because of the restriction of physical distance. Each body slips into another either with affection or with violence, yet in either case, entering defiantly into the action. The spectator himself becomes entrapped in the situation. His gaze becomes a point of reference that sets the territorial limits of the performance space.



Creation 2013

Conceived, staged & performed by Ioannis Mandafounis, Olivia Ortega, Katerina Skiada, Nikos Dragonas
Lights David Kretonic
Sound POL
Production management Mélanie Fréguin

Production Cie Projet 11

Coproduction Prairie Pour-cent culturel Migros, Théâtre de l’Usine
Supported by City of Geneva, Republic and Canton of Geneva, Lottery romande, Nestlé for Art foundation, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, SSA, Ernst Göhner foundation



- Technical Rider


Twisted Pair ON TOUR
21 Shows, 9 Theaters, 9 Cities, 4 Countries

28 November-1 December 2013, Théâtre De L’Usine (Premiere), Geneva, Switzerland
4 November-8 December 2013, Théâtre De L’Usine, Geneva, Switzerland
23-24 September 2014, CCS, Paris, France
24-25 November 2015, Akropoditis Dance Center, Siros, Greece
28-29 November 2015, Garage Performing Arts Center, Corfu, Greece
5-6 June 2016, Horohronos Art Space, Athens, Greece
28 July 2016, Roxani Estate, Crete, Greece
25 October 2016, Festival CenaCumplicidades, Natal, Brasil
27 October 2016, Biennal internacional de dança do Ceara, Fortaleza, Brasil
22 January 2017, DansARTe, Patras, Greece