Ossip Mandelstam. A performance

by Mandafounis, Giannotti, Mosca & Myers

Ossip Mandelstam is a great poet, a kind of blacksmith of words.

The performance is our way of giving an impression in words, and movement, of his œuvre.

A poet that is prohibited from writing is a poet that is prohibited from living.

Mandelstam was prevented from publishing during his lifetime and literally annihilated as a human being. Yet he claimed his life through his poems, which are evidence of an exceptional talent and a rare spiritual strength.

He has been a source of inspiration for his contemporaries and for all those who love poetry.



Ossip Mandelstam. A Performance ON TOUR
16 Shows, 5 Theaters, 5 Cities, 4 Country

2-13 March 2016, Theater ADC (Premiere), Geneva, Switzerland
22-23 March 2016, Kasern Theater, Basel, Switzerland
16 July 2016, Piedicavallo festival, Piedicavallo, Italy
28 March 2017, Belgrade Dance Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
1-2 December 2017, Horohronos Art Space, Athens, Greece


Creation 2016

Argument Ioannis Mandafounis
Concept & choreography Elena Giannotti, Ioannis Mandafounis,Roberta Mosca, Bruce Myers
Support text 38 poems by Ossip Mandelstam, translated by James Greene
Lights David Kretonic
Sound David Scrufari
Set design Canedicoda
Costumes Marion Schmid
Production management Mélanie Fréguin

Production Cie Ioannis Mandafounis
Coproduction Association pour la danse contemporaine ADC – Geneva, Prairie – Migros Cultural Percentage
Supported by City of Geneva, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Lottery romande, Nestlé for Art foundation, Ernst Göhner foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, The Patronage fund S.I.G.
Residency Centre National de la Danse (CND) - Paris, ADC Studios - Genève



- Technical Rider